FMC, your business reliable partner along the way to your success!

     FMC is a professional accounting services provider, which was established Encouraged by the Government’s policies,a firm organized by individual professionals.

     A firm organized by individual professionals,encouraged by the Government’s policies.Supportive of Private sector development.

     Provide business advisory services (accounting, audit, consulting) to: Foreign owned and Vietnamese companies and organizations that operate and have a presence (or wish to have a presence) in Vietnam.

      * Personnel, consisting  of Vietnamese and foreign consultants, have a combined experience of nearly two decades in providing professional services to:

      * Foreign Invested Enterprises – wholly      owned, ex., Colgate; joint venture,ex., P&G;   BCC, ex., Telstra; and Rep Offices, ex., Bank of America, O&M, J. Walter Thompson, Ford Motors Credit, Halliburton.
* Vietnamese Firms (privatized and equitized; Privately owned, State owned)  

     FMC was founded by the group of the certified public auditors (CPAs) and  accredited consultants, who had worked in the field of the auditing and consulting since the very first days of this industry in Vietnam.  With these advantages, FMC has possessed the valuable manpower resources to confidently provide professional services requiring full understanding of Vietnam business climate and with international quality standards.

     With our mission “FMC wants to be your great business partner by way of bringing creative added value solutions to your success in local and global environment”, we endeavor to provide our clients with professional services following international quality standards adapted to Vietnam business environment.

Our Vision

      To be one of the leading professional services firms in Vietnam, by reputation, specialization and market position.

      Strongly assist clients to achieve their goals in all business environment;

      Committed to provide high quality services in a professional manner;

      Respect professional ethics;

      Committed to provide strong learning environment for staff to better serve clients during their development and entering the globalization; create a working environment which promotes professionalism and teamwork;

     Create the difference in services provided to clients; continue developing new services lines;

     Apply new technology in all management and operation processes;

     Bring highest possible benefits to clients, staff, investors and society.


Core Values

       Mutual respect, Trust and Openness




       Client Driven/ Business-partnership with clients


‘We care for your success!’

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Hội Doanh Nhân

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